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Linkbridge Technologies

  • Save your bankruptcy clients time and money, while generating more revenue for your firm.

    Linkbridge is an easy, do-it-yourself online system that enables your team to manage each step of the bankruptcy and claims management process in-house.

Welcome to Linkbridge

Linkbridge eliminates the need to hire expensive claims agents or manage the bankruptcy process manually with spreadsheets and stacks of paper. By automating and integrating the entire bankruptcy process, your team can significantly reduce claims management costs and better serve your clients.
Linkbridge gives your organization the ability to:
·      Prepare Statements, Schedules, and Proof of Claims
·      Post documents online for public access
·      Receive and manage documents from external parties
·      Move to a paperless system
All of these benefits are delivered in one simple, integrated, online, and secure system with a licensing model that grows with your organization, without adding costs.