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Who We Are

We understand the frustration that comes from juggling the innumerable manual details involved in the management of a claim. Our years of experience tell us that stakeholders and interested parties aren’t being served in a fair, cost-effective manner. We believe that leveraging world-class software solutions to streamline bankruptcy claim management is an advantage that is not reserved only for claims management companies.

Thus Linkbridge was born.

Linkbridge thinks about claim management delivery in a holistic and cohesive manner - driving out the inefficiencies and complexity of this document-intensive process. Our on-demand, online solutions eradicate the tasks that traditionally hinder efficiency, precision and accountability.

Linkbridge believes that efficient collaboration and process management leads to successful case management and to successful claims.  Our silo-killing approach is a new paradigm for bankrupt organizations and advisors to remove the obstacles that slow down processes and drive up costs.