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Statements & Schedules Proof of Claims Claim Reconciliation Claim Disbursements Recording Ballots
These documents are needed for any chapter 11 bankruptcy case Prepare customized Proof of Claims with information from schedules Review all your creditor’s claims and information in a consolidated place Review allowed amounts that have been assigned to the creditors file Prepare customer ballots for plan voting
Create your own statements and schedules Print customized claims and add special instructions Search and sort functionality for navigating a large number of creditors Filter creditor’s receiving payments by class, sub-class, and allowed amounts Report ballots as received
Edit schedules and documents Enter Proof of Claim information when it is filed for your case Add customized grounds for objecting Enter payment information Prepare ballot reports by class
Import templates for schedules D, E, and F Search for creditors on your case by name and ID Review and generate Grounds of Objection Schedule payments by fixed amount or allowed amount Edit creditor’s voting amount allowance
Finalize and amend schedules Attach the PDF versions of the Proof of Claim for later use in reconciliation process Review and change their allowed amount and class Supply check numbers and apply payments to claims Review ballot information by name, class, description and treatment
Create and assign sub-classes to your claims Review payment status
Specify disputed or disallowed claims Create PDF reports

PDF Reports, Electronic Signatures, Electronic Document Management
All functions linked and integrated together – Pre-Bankruptcy through Post-Bankruptcy

Paralegals Law Firm Partners/Managers Restructuring Firms Debtors
Simplifies the process – Fewer headaches Generate new revenue stream with high margin and save your clients money A whole new line of work to expand your business Get out of bankruptcy more quickly
Less data entry – No more paper-pushing Keeps things in house, less outsourcing New revenue without heavy database experience – No database crunching needed Get out of bankruptcy less expensively
Allows you to get more done Get more value from employees – Get more done to focus on higher value work Improved efficiency – Get more work done More control of the process – Puts the tools in your hands, No longer at the mercy of the law firm
Strengthen your value in the company – More value-add – More billable and challenging work Increased Client Value – More accurate data, improved service and management, and saves money Keep more in-house – less need to outsource services
Saves money on paper and storage Improved Client Management
Saves money on paper and storage
  • What does Linkbridge do?We provide collaborative, cohesive, Web-based solutions for bankrupt companies to more effectively shepherd their claims to completion. Our solutions enable better claim management by fully integrating all of the critical functions and processes involved.
  • How does Linkbridge work?When a company signs on with Linkbridge, we help them from start to finish.  From setting up an account, to managing claims, reconciliations, timelines, legal submissions, balloting and documents, we work with companies to manage all aspects of the bankruptcy process online. It’s as easy as buying a book online.
  • Who uses Linkbridge?Linkbridge serves the stakeholders in the process of managing bankruptcy claims, encompassing law firms, restructuring firms, claims management firms, and government entities.
  • Why use Linkbridge?We understand the entirety of challenges facing participants in the bankruptcy process.  Linkbridge has developed a fully integrated suite of technologies designed to wrap business acumen and value around that process.  Linkbridge is the only solution that specifically targets the current inefficiencies in the claim management process.

Only Linkbridge provides online solutions that get to the heart of how bankruptcy claims really work. Linkbridge is not a spot solution looking to solve only one portion of the claim management process. We have developed and integrated all the necessary components into a unique, neutral, on-demand offering. This makes Linkbridge the ideal approach to give key decision-makers, debtors, creditors, and employees the visibility and control they need.